Take Giant Squid Open Mike to Bed!

Recently I was ill for about two weeks and had to limit my computer time dramatically.  Along with suffering from my illness, I was experiencing Giant Squid OpenMike withdrawal syndrome – I couldn’t sit at the computer and listen to the Blog Talk Radio Show!

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.  I decided I needed to get the latest show on my iPod so I could take it to bed and listen to it…and I achieved this.

Here’s what I did:

1. Right-clicked on the iTunes section of the Giant Squid OpenMike player.

2. Downloaded the show to iTunes.

3. Checked the download by clicking on “podcasts” in iTunes and then right-clicked the relevant folder to view the menu in Windows Explorer (all six shows were automatically downloaded to iTunes).

4. Updated my iPod with iTunes (synchronizing).

5. Viewed the podcast menu on my iPod and clicked on the show I wanted to listen to.

6.  Laid back and enjoyed the Giant Squid OpenMike show about the New Paradign for Internet Marketing - withdrawal symptoms evaporated!

P.S.  The next time I opened iTunes, it automatically updated the podcast with the latest show.

I am continuously amazed at the quality of the material on these shows and the latest one with PotPieGirl is no different.   There are heaps of ideas and a new Squidoo business model in this show and it is ably reviewed by mukunda22.

If all else fails take the Giant Squid OpenMike to bed or on your walk (as I did this morning!).

acne 20 100x100 Take Giant Squid Open Mike to Bed!